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"Practicing Yoga in a group is a great way to familiarise yourself with the physical postures and the rhythm of breathing."

In Person Classes



Ashtanga Yoga (60 min)

Withington Baths, Withington.



Hatha Vinyasa (60 min) start date 14th sept

Cheshire Yoga, WA14 1NU Altrincham.



Inclusive Ashtanga

Yoga on the Edge, SK9 7ES Alderly Edge


Hatha Vinyasa Yoga

Withington Baths, M20 3EB


Ashtanga Yoga

Withington Baths, M20 3EB

This class has been designed as a progressive journey to your own at-home practice. The main focus is to create stability,

while opening the body through deep breathing & dynamic movements. This remains the same each time you practice,

so that over time you become familiar and can reduce the movement of the mind into a moving meditation.

Original Vinyasa (online)

Ashtanga Yoga is a traditional practice set in sequence. The class is fuelled with dynamic asanas which are delivered in a way which links one posture to the next, breath after breath. Ashtanga Yoga helps to develop dedication, flexibility and strength.

Ashtanga Yoga

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A Hatha Vinyasa class incorporates pranayama and a range of standing and seated postures aimed to develop flexibility and physical stability. During the practice we learn to harness the mind and calm the senses - taking one breath at a time and one postures at a time to restablish a present state of being.

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga

Take a look below at the flow of movements we practice during our Original Vinyasa class.

Original Vinyasa Sequence

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The Original Vinyasa sequence has been designed to support all levels of practitioners so they may enjoy a life long journey with Yoga.

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