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Ashtanga Yoga Day Retreat

Sunday 18th August

Join me for a full day retreat diving into the mystery of the 8 Limb Ashtanga Yoga Practice.

Throughout the day we'll immerse ourselves in the

simplicity of this practice; how it can be used, the

best way to adapt it, its philosophy and its stream like mindful delivery of Yoga. 

Together we'll spend the morning opening the body with Pranayama and a Full Primary Series practice. 

After a tea break or sitting in the sun we will begin to learn some of the philosophy behind the Asana

- the Yoga Sutras and texts that really get to 

understanding the heart of Yoga. 

After another break we will begin to unpick the 

postures, using props and support to practice and 

refine our understanding. 

After lunch we'll lay all our understanding to rest in

a deep Yoga Nidra. Then feel free to use the spa and unwind with beautiful rolling views and uninterrupted stillness 

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Included On Retreat

  • Full Friendly Ashtanga Yoga Practice

  • Learning the Ashtanga Chants

  • Breaking down the Ashtanga Postures

  • Diving into the 8 Limb Ashtanga Philosophy

  • Ashtanga Pranayama

  • x 2 Tea / Coffee breaks

  • Lunch Included

  • Full use of the Spa & Pool

£130.00 pp

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