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I'll take the greatest pleasure in sharing with you everything Yoga has to offer. 


Many people all over the world now enjoy the physical benefits of Yoga, which can be seen in increased flexibility, strength and balance, but it’s also helpful to remember that a Yoga practice can offer far more than just stretching. 


The body is a great place to begin since it is our primary source of identification, but as the mountain yogis and saints of India discovered thousands of years ago, the practice of Yoga is an ancient tradition rooted in mental and physical discipline. Discipline of the physical body in stretching (āsana) discipline of the breath (prāṇāyāma) and the mind in meditation (Pratyāhāra, Dhāraṇā and Dhyāna). 


These disciplines are know to be the route out of ones own suffering and onto a path of spiritual liberation or inner freedom known by many as; enlightenment or samadhi - a state of complete bliss.


It's there, that my reason for teaching lies, in acquainting students with a Yoga practice which feels good physically but also offers a dedicated space to discover more. From my own experience spiritual discipline and the loving support of a teacher is what allows deeper discovery into purpose, truth and the meaning of our lives.


Lianne Daly


Lianne has been studying and teaching Yoga for nearly 10 years her studies have taken her to India, Thailand, Bali and a variety of cities in the UK studying with many renown teachers.


Her own direct daily experience with the practice and close observation of her students is where her intimacy and understanding continues to grow from. ​

" we are here for the experience;

this sun, this moon, these planets "

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