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At the heart of the Yoga Inn's Original Vinyasa sequence lies the art of trust and magic of repetition.

This is a specific sequence of Yoga postures and breathing that remains the same each time we step onto the mat.

When learning Yoga there are multiple physical and mental elements happening at once - each with its own potent benefits. To be able to give each component of Yoga our full attention it is important to practice a familiar sequence so that the body retains the knowledge learnt and applies it the next time we practice. Through a repeated sequence of postures, breathing, and focus points practitioners can gain a direct experience of their inner self, we are able to merge with the now familiar, learning about ourselves through the process.

The Original Vinyasa sequence taught at the Yoga Inn has been designed to support all levels of practitioners so they may feel the therapeutic benefits of having a long term friendship with Yoga.

Original Vinyasa Sequence

Ashtanga template test.jpg
Ashtanga template test.jpg

" Yoga is transformational because we directly experience the limitless nature of our inner selves "

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